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you mean this opera involves handcuffs?

kinky little werewolf

29 April 1991
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if you have reached this page in error, we apologize sincerely and will do our best to redirect your search. if you have chosen to come here of your own free will, i assume that you're a crew member. in that case, swift dude.

if the third option applies, that you are someone who ventured here to find out more about the exceedingly opinionated poster, i thank you and reward you with information. possibly graphics. that requires a message though.

i'm denver. (actual name) i apologize if the above sounded pretentious. (Simon thinks so) it was an attempt at humor. i'm a punker of Irish descent stuck in the backwoods of PA. i'm a quiet, fairly serious history student. i'm also a mechanic, artist, and a massive hockey fan.

i play bass guitar and piano. my heroes include my grandfather, Penn & Teller, Major Richard Winters, and Dan Savage. i love tea. i eat a lot of vegetarian dishes and respect people who have the discipline to stick to that diet, but i can't. i listen to an insane amount of punk rock and go to as many shows as i can. i have a Triumph 1977 silver jubilee Bonneville 750 motorcycle that i fixed up and got running by myself.

animal rights, anti-homophobia, anti-racism, aqua teen hunger force, band of brothers, boomtown, captain america, captain vegetable, clue, comics, cowboy bebop, csi, csi new york, cult films, cursed, damian lewis, daniel handler, danny/don, danny/mac, david thewlis, dc hardcore, dirty jobs, divorcing jack, doctor who, dog soldiers, dog tags, dogs, douglas adams, drawing, edward sexby, elijah wood, enemy at the gates, escape artists, family guy, flying spaghetti monster, foamy, foster's home, gary oldman, gay pride, gay rights, gene wilder, ghost rider, ghosts, gibbs/tony, green day, guys, halloween, handcuffs, hardcore, harry potter books, haunted houses, heroes, history, hockey, horror films, hu$tle, huskies, in & out, iron man, irvine welsh, jimmy/bo, john simm, johnny cash, justified, keith haring, kevin pollack, lemony snicket, lenny bruce, lewis black, life, life on mars, lord of the rings, lost, mac/danny, matt stone, matthew settle, midnight oil, military, monty python, moral orel, music, nathan petrelli, ncis, neal mcdonough, nightmare before christmas, no kill shelters, nothing nice to say, paratroopers, penn & teller, penn & teller's bullshit, penn jillette, peter petrelli, pittsburgh penguins, prisoner of azkaban, prisons, punk, queer, queercore, raver boys, raylan/boyd, reading, remus lupin, remus/sirius, rent, robot chicken, rocky horror picture show, rorschach, sam/gene, series of unfortunate events, simpsons, sin city, sirius black, skins, slash, snowboarding, soccer, south park, southland, spaced, stephen e. ambrose, stephen king, steve/tony, sxe, team america, terror behind the walls, the devil's whore, the fairly odd parents, the glades, the great escape, the losers, the paranormal, the salton sea, the venture brothers, tim curry, top gear, torchwood, trey parker, triumph, vegetarians, watchmen, werewolves, young frankenstein, ♂♂