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it's gonna be good

new year. new decade. new opportunities. new hope.

i hope that i'm more active on here than i have been. school has been a good distraction. most classes are fun, i've made some great friends, and it's nice to know i can survive on my own. i know that my crew has been what's kept me going, but it's good to find out that they're not the only ones who can stand me. (i get paranoid about that every once in a while ;)

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quite silly

ran across a twelve days of Christmas generator through someone's LJ and realised my interests are not conducive to personalising the poem.

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well, this is embarrassing. i haven't been on LJ since the end of july and all i can really think to update with is how stupid my roommate is. best leave that until the end.

good news, i haven't slipped off this mortal coil just yet :) i've been kept extremely busy though thanks to school, hockey, skateboarding and the eternal bargaining with my parents to have them let me take my PS3 to school. (note: i'm still on the losing side. the argument becomes void the closer we get to the holidays anyway.) classes are going well and only one professor has managed to make me almost nod out. that might have been my fault though. i really like the campus. however, i'm not sure if i'm mostly amused or mostly annoyed that people keep asking me if i'm in the ROTC program. (my hair isn't anywhere close to a regulation cut ;)

the whole experience has been great so far. i don't have to check and censor myself when i meet new people and i actually got to participate in National Coming Out Day. i also got a kick out of the G20 meeting and the protests. seems like i picked the right place after all ;)

i'm going to try and catch a few hours of sleep before class now. plus my browser just crashed >_< more later.


most of my summer has been spent working in a mechanic's shop so i haven't really seen to many movies recently. (which is strange if you consider that rain or shine, good film or bad film, my crew and i have been at the movie theater every Friday for the past 4 years.) however, i did see Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince.

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mixed emotions

another historic day, Maine has legalised gay marriage!! and if all goes well, Washington D.C. may be next.

that's fantastic news and made me very happy.

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i'm attempting to do a major overhaul of my profile. so far it's amounted to me pulling all the band names out of my interests section. truth is, i've had this profile for a couple years and never really saw much point in investing the time and effort to make it spiffy. i still don't, but now i feel obligated to since someone is now paying for it. so, i'm going to try anyway.

in an unrelated note, my zombie alter-ego has managed to eat 131 brains. that's pretty awesome.

so this is what 18 feels like...

word of advice, never watch a Todd Haynes film for the first time while doing something else. his films are amazing and complex so if you miss a minute, the next one you pay attention to makes no sense whatsoever.

i'm sitting here watching I'm Not There and uploading icons. so of course i have no idea what's going on in the film. just as well, it's my punishment for waiting so long to watch it. whoever thougt it was a good idea to give me a hundred icons is an idiot. i'm looking at you V.H. ;)

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no time

of course. as soon as i have a million things to do on-line and people to keep up with, RL decides that i have too much time on my hands and springs everything at once. couple that with Simon's parents taking his internet access away so he's been hogging MY internet connection. almost makes me want to beg my parents to get wireless lol

i apologize to anyone who has missed me. i miss everyone.

in other news i'm finally giving up on Heroes. the writers have lost their minds and it's nothing like the show i fell in love with. i now love Southland. the voice over in the beginning is stupid but over all the show is well put together.

the trial finally starts... 30 years later

yesterday saw the real start of the trial of Kaing Guek Eav aka Comrade Duch, the director of the Khmer Rouge's most brutal prison S-21. it's about time. the Khmer Rouge are responsible for the death of 1.7 million Cambodians as well as the destruction of their modern culture.

but is it too little too late? we're prosecuting old men who will likely never serve time for their crimes. Pol Pot died as a free man. and the world doesn't really seem to be paying attention. the only mention so far in my local paper was quoting Kaing Guek Eav as saying that Nixon and Kissinger's policies helped the Khmer Rouge's rise to power. that was a small blurb on page 20.

i realise that not everyone has a personal interest in this trial. i also have grudgingly resigned myself to the fact that 80% of my classmates have no idea what the Khmer Rouge was or what they did. but this is HUGE. any family my uncle had in Cambodia died under the Khmer Rouge. the world has gone 34 years without seeking justice for those who died. it's been too long. even Cambodians have forgotten.

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fantastic news for horror fans

now, i hate remakes. especially when it comes to horror films. it's always a gamble and unfortunately these remakes tend to miss far more often than they hit. so when i heard that A Nightmare On Elm Street would be getting a remake, i was understandably... nervous.

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i read a lot, expect too much from people, i'm too serious for my own good, don't smoke but i hate anti-smoking ads.