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i should update this more often

since i last posted:

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell" has been repealed. this made me exceedingly happy because it means i can start planning for a military career after college. my family is far less thrilled than i am because as much as i love them, they are pacifist hippies and have never really understood my interest and appreciation for the military. they respect it, but as my mother put it bluntly,"i don't want you to die for idiotic politicians."

Simon has joined the world of fandom and livejournal. he is apparently less than impressed ;) i have to try and explain to him the positive aspects of both.

Major (ret.) Richard Winters passed away on January 2nd at the age of 92. this made me exceedingly upset because he was an amazing man and one of my personal heroes. if i turn out to be even half as good of a man as he was then my life will be a success.

i have spent my entire winter break with Simon going to hockey games, snowboarding, and playing Call of Duty & Medal of Honor and i've enjoyed every minute of it.


i read a lot, expect too much from people, i'm too serious for my own good, don't smoke but i hate anti-smoking ads.