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I adore the show 'Southland'.

It's absolutely amazing, well written and well acted. For the most part. There's one character i can't stand but i get the impression that if is said who it is on-line, the fandom would kill me. It's just that the show's strong suit is making the characters realistic and not broken stereotypes. If this character were real and as much of an indignant whiny bitch as the show portrays, there's no way the character would have that job.

Tuesday's episode took a pretty controversial subject and very casually put it in. For me that had more of an impact than any show which has built up or advertised dealing with a controversial subject. In the episode Cooper & Sherman attend a funeral for a friend of Cooper's. After the funeral Sherman learns that Cooper's friend had killed himself. He then asks Cooper if he had any idea why his friend did it. Cooper just walks away. Later when they're driving back home Cooper effectively outs his dead friend and himself to Ben. Ben to his credit doesn't react to this information with surprise or shock, he just says "Long day." It's a friggin beautiful moment.

They could have made a huge deal about Cooper's friend killing himself with the implication that at least part of the reason was because he was a gay man hiding behind a straight life.


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