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Wolfman was fantastic

there was no question that i would go see the remake of The Wolfman. there was no question really that i would love it. there is however some question as to my sanity since after seeing the film i now support a crack pairing that would require re-writing the last 5 minutes of the film if i didn't want this crack pairing to only consist of missing scene fics.

before i continue you must understand that i was thrilled beyond belief that a physical relationship never happened between Gwen and Talbot. not because i'd have anything against it (i'm sure in another set of circumstances, they'd be very happy together) i just don't need sex in my werewolf films. it was a perfect blend of horror, drama, suspense, and romance. plus having them only share the one kiss keeps it firmly set in it's Victorian time period of dude-she's-a-lady-and-she-was-totally-just-engaged-to-your-now-dead-brother.

so, what pairing am i hitting myself in the head for thinking of? what pairing did my brain decide halfway through the film would be a fun idea? Talbot/Abberline.

thanks brain. because i needed another pairing that no one writes to obsess about.


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