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historically and factually inaccurate fan fics break my brain.

ones that throw in characters from cultural backgrounds that you've apparently never had any contact with yourself.... those are like nails across a chalkboard to me.

i was just reading a fic where the OC is supposed to be fourth generation Irish American running a bar. in Virginia. the author has him speak as if he's an actor going for stereotypical Irish in any old school film. (or for a more contemporary comparison, Peter Griffin's real dad on Family Guy) again, the guy is supposed to be fourth generation and he's greeting someone as "my bonny lass." i've never seriously used the term "bonny lass" in my life. then again, i'm fifth generation Irish American, so what the heck do i know? however, i've never heard my parents or grandparents use it either. not to mention that our accents are all regional American considering this is the country we were born and raised in. if a fourth generation member of an immigrant family still uses the accent of someone born in the old country, it's an affectation. and it's completely idiotic.

whatever, i could deal with that. until the OC's next exchange where he asks what everyone is getting to drink. of course, the characters who are supposed to be regulars in this bar all order Guinness. this is despite the fact that none of the characters have ever been shown to drink this sort of beer. one character in particular has a consistent record of only drinking pale ales. but i digress. then the character who is not a regular orders a bourbon. instead of doing what any actual bartender would do and get him his drink, the OC snaps:
“Bite your tongue laddie, I don’t stock that American swill here.”

at that point my head connected with my desk. here's what's fundamentally wrong with that statement. one: the character is obviously older than the OC. you do not call someone who looks 20 years older than yourself "laddie." two: he owns a bar in Virginia. if he didn't stock it, he would have been out of business years ago. three: the OC IS American!! it doesn't matter where historically your family started out, if you were born and raised in the USA, guess what? you are American.


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