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i don't get emo

i understand it as a musical genre. it has its place as a sub-genre and off shoot of punk. but as a lifestyle or category of its own? i just don't get it. emo is the bastard child of 'nightmare before Christmas' fandom and Hot Topic. all style and no substance. emo is the first genre that i know of to use 'scene kid' or 'scenester' not to simply identify a person in a music scene, but to identify that person's type of dress and personality.

granted there are some bands in the emo category that i like and i do love the film 'the nightmare before Christmas', but to fly fey fashion as your flag? i could never do that. and i've heard the argument that punk is just fashion too and while there are those elements to it, that's not all punk is and that's not what punk was about. punk is about politics, anger, rebellion, the place and times that you live in and what you think needs to be done to change it. emo was originally music with a punk edge but with subject matter about more personal things. today's emo? it's all about i like this girl, we're young/ in love/ misunderstood/ meant to be, she broke my heart/ i can't get her out of my head/ no one understands, poor me and my broken heart bleeding on my sleeve. and btw, don't i have fabulous hair?

i cringe when i see pictures of emo bands because all i can think is '80s metal hair bands'. there's no real talent involved and it seems that anyone who picks up a guitar and gets an emo mop top can get a record made and have a following. it's all over-hyped, over-stylized, and over-produced. then the worst part is when they decide that they need to be screamo to come across as edgy. all that does is muck up a perfectly good generic pop song with unintelligible shrieking. (i tend to like the guttural screaming of hardcore bands, but screamo is just pathetic)

the reason for this rant against fashion based music is a video for which my friend sent me a link. it's for a band called Black Veiled Brides and the song is called "knives and pens". i've watched the video and i've read the lyrics and i can not tell you for the life of me what the song is supposed to be about or what the title has to do with it. i've conferred with Simon and the most we can gather is that if people are making fun of you for being a typical emo kid, don't fight back or defend yourself, just write more suicidal and depressing poetry. well, that's the pens part. i suppose the knives part is that you should be cutting yourself while you write.

yeah, this genre's sane. *rolleyes*

then Simon, using his scary porn finding skills, ran across a site dedicated to emo porn called 'homo emo' and God help me, i couldn't stop laughing over the redundancy of the name. most of the guys weren't very appealing (to me at least. then again, i like my men to look like men.) and there was one that i would swear was a girl going on face and upper body alone. its really quite scary.

as they say, always leave 'em laughing, so here's a video that had me on the floor laughing because it's just so damn true: emo breakup


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